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Entry #1

I am...

2013-11-21 07:33:16 by Luer

...forever more.


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2013-11-21 09:36:46

Fuck's that supposed to mean, boy.

Luer responds:

It means what ever you want it to mean.


2013-11-23 01:32:14

Kick like mule


2013-11-29 16:07:08

Forever less...


2014-07-15 13:09:00

Please become more active on newgrounds, your first upload blew me away and now listening to the 2nd, its dissapointing that you only have two tracks here, your work is quite refreshing and very interesting on my ears (just for the record im not a average joe to say this but a contrapunt specialist in the chiptune genre who studied classical music for years)

If you do not want to become more active on newgrounds for whatever reason, please tell me where you have more of your work, if you dont have more of your work online, then put it online!

I wish you clear composing and all thats good.

(gonna fav and 5 your 2nd track btw)